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Morris Library
University of Delaware

Morris Library
Newark, DE

The Hugh M. Morris University Library was constructed in 1962. In 1985, an addition to the Library doubled the size of the building. The Library is constructed primarily with brick and stone cladding over a concrete and steel structure, and contains a majority of punched opening windows.

TBS Services, Inc. has been engaged by the University to provide design solutions to several water infiltration issues in the past, including below-grade water proofing, masonry wall systems, and roof replacements. TBS provided professional services including design, documentation and construction administration for below-grade waterproofing at the North Elevation to mitigate water infiltration into the media center department.

We also provided services for new flashing and waterproofing systems at each window of the North and South Elevations to stop ongoing water infiltration into the interior offices. The most recent work included 30,000 sq ft of roof membrane system and flashing systems replacement at various building roofs.